At NIE Networks, we're continually investing in our network to provide a more robust and reliable service for all our customers.

In this section, we've published our RP6 business plan, which details our connittment to developing and maintaining the electricity network. RP6 is the price control period that runs for six and a half years from October 2017.

The Document Library contains the full business plan as well as reports from our Customer and Stakeholder Engagement exercises.

Under Ongoing Work, you can find out about our work with renewable investment as well as ongoing projects that are taking place across Northern Ireland.

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Investing For The Future

Find out about our plans for develop the electricity network between 2017 and 2024.

Ongoing Work In Your Area

Find out about how we're investing in the electricity network across Northern Ireland and major work in your area.

North/South Interconnector

The Tyrone to Cavan interconnector is a major cross-border infrastructure project to create an 'all-island' energy market.