If you need to turn off your power permanently or temporarily for a few hours:

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If you are carrying out demolition work, all services should be disconnected before demolition work starts. Please apply to NIE Networks at least 6 weeks in advance.

In some cases, such as for high voltage supplies or as a result of legalities, the time required to disconnect a supply may be significantly longer.

Third party consents

As part of the disconnection process, we may have to obtain permission from third parties to meet your requirements.  These are things such as:
  • Formal permission from landowners to place or move our equipment on their land.  
  • Permission from DRD Roads Service to carry out work on public roadways.

Having to seek and get these permissions granted can in some instances add to the overall connection process.

If an existing connection is high voltage please contact our helpline on 03457 643 643 to speak to us directly.

Demolition work - safety

At NIE Networks, we have made a number of urgent site visits recently to make damaged electricity services safe either during or after demolition. Some of these demolition incidences resulted in the injury to site personnel and could have been avoided.

Remember: before carrying out demolition work to buildings or structures, you should always contact NIE Networks to:
  • Remove live NIE Networks' equipment from your site in order to work safely
  • Remove overhead electricity line or underground cables
  • Notify us of an unoccupied building that's a safety hazard or where there's been a fire.

We strongly advise that site safety must be in accordance with HSE Guidance Note GS6 (Avoidance of Danger from Overhead Lines) and HSE Booklet HS (G) 47 (Avoiding Danger from Underground Services).

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