Shift & Save trial - making Coleraine's network smart 

The Shift & Save trial was launched in January 2012 and ended in May 2014. The aim of the trial was to investigate how smart meters and smart grid technology could change homeowners' energy usage patterns, particularly at times of peak demand.

A snapshot of the findings:

  • We reduced the average tea-time peak  by 11.6%
  • The total units used between 4pm and 7pm were reduced by 7.3%
  • Overall electricity usage decreased by 2.3%
  • The average saving made by the test group was £67.73 during the year.
Read more about our findings. 

As part of the trial, the University of Ulster was commissioned to carry out an independent evaluation of the trial and how it had affected participants. Learn more about the findings.

Watch Ben Cupples, Shift & Save Technical Manager, explain more about the project.


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