Guidelines for tipper lorries and mobile plant 

Contractors and construction workers who work in the vicinity of overhead power lines and other electricity equipment can avoid dangerous hazards by applying some basic safety principles and using common sense.

These guidelines will help keep everyone working at and visiting the site safe:

  1. Identify the locations of overhead power lines in the vicinity of the work and across entrances and exits. Remember vehicles do not need to strike overhead power lines for injury to occur as electricity can jump gaps in the right conditions.
  2. Erect goal posts, barriers and warning signs to maintain safe clearances.
  3. Warn visiting drivers of the presence of overhead power lines.
  4. NEVER raise the bed of a tipper lorry underneath an overhead power line or drive under the line with the body of the vehicle raised. Drivers should unload elsewhere and use a vehicle that doesn’t pose a risk near overhead power lines (such as a small dump truck).
  5. Contact us well before work takes place as we may need to arrange a temporary disconnection for the duration of the work.

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