The first signs of spring are here at last,  and campsites and caravan parks all over the country are opening up again for the holiday season. NIE Networks has issued practical safety advice to ‘Look Up and Look Out’ for overhead power lines.

Kevin McDowell, Head of Health Safety & Environment at NIE Networks said: “Any contact with our equipment can result in terrible injuries and even a fatality. We’re here to help and want to raise awareness of how to stay safe so please follow these simple steps.

  • You may be staying in an unfamiliar area, so think about everything from flying kites to fishing – is what you’ve planned to do near an overhead power line?
  • Never be tempted to attach or tie anything to our poles, pylons or other equipment.Never try to guess how much clearance you may have to an overhead power line. It’s simple stay well away from them.
  • When you are carrying long objects such as a fishing rod or tent poles, carry them horizontally and as close to the ground as you can.
  • Always be aware of where overhead power lines are if you are putting up an aerial next to your static caravan.
  • If you have a yacht with a mast and it needs moved, think about your route – Look up and look out. We’re here to help, so call us if you are in doubt about clearances to overhead power lines. Never light fires under our overhead power lines!
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking any overhead line is a telephone wire, treat all lines as live."
Find out more about staying safe near the electricity network.