NIE Networks prepares for Storm Henry


Following the severe weather forecast for severe gales with gusts of 70mph this afternoon and evening, Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) has warned of a possibility of damage to the electricity network, especially in exposed and coastal locations.

NIE Networks has initiated an escalation plan and has emergency crews, engineers and call handlers on stand-by.

We would like to remind customers that if they do lose electricity supplies they should report a fault online or call the NIE Networks Customer Helpline on 03457 643 643.  Customers can also follow us on Twitter @NIElectricity for regular updates.

Julia Carson, NIE Networks Communications Manager, says: “The forecast for Storm Henry is similar to the weather we experienced last Friday, once again focusing on the west, north and north east of the country.  If there is any damage to our network from severe weather, we are prepared and in position to get customers back on supply as quickly as humanly possible, consistent with safety, and to keep our customers regularly updated and informed.

“We are particularly keen to stress our regular safety message that on no account should anyone ever approach a broken pole or electricity line.  Keep away and report the damage immediately to NIE Networks on 03457 643 643.”

Further updates will be issued as the weather front progresses.