Our tree maintenance team

NIE tree cutterAt Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks), we have around 30 full-time tree patrollers who survey the network and assess the trees or hedges that need to be cut back from overhead power lines.

Our tree patrollers collect important information on the trees and hedges to be cut, including permissions from landowners. This information is then passed to our tree cutting teams. We currently have around 50 tree cutters and a number of specialist contractors who are all trained to work to the highest safety and quality standards.

If you would like to be present when the tree work is being carried out on your property, simply request this when agreeing permission for the work with one of our tree patrollers.

How to identify members of our tree cutting team

NIE tree cutter with ID cardIf a tree patroller or tree cutter calls to your property you should ask to see their proof of identification which shows their name, photograph and the NIE Networks Logo.

If the caller is one of our approved contractors, this will also be stated on their proof of ID card. Never let anyone into your house, or on to your property, without first seeing proper ID.

Our employees or contractors will explain why they have called at your property and what they need to do.

Further checks can be carried out by contacting us.

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