Network 25

Network 25 is a strategy currently under development, which will set out the potential range and scale of the electricity transmission network to 2025. Network 25 will outline the network infrastructure required to facilitate the achievement of DETI's Strategic Energy Framework target of 40% of electrical consumption from renewable energy by 2020. This strategy will illustrate the likely range of options for enabling the connection of the proposed renewable generation technologies to the transmission system.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

NIE recognises the effects of transmission network infrastructure development in encouraging the nature, scale and location of future power generation projects developed by third parties. NIE wishes to approach electricity transmission planning in a socially responsible, sustainable and transparent manner. NIE therefore wishes to ensure that the strategic planning process includes full and proper consideration of the potential effects of transmission network development upon the environment and communities across Northern Ireland.  

For this reason NIE will undertake a SEA while concurrently developing the Network 25 strategy.

NIE has appointed environmental consultants RPS to deliver the SEA for Network 25. In May 2013 RPS engaged with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency  (NIEA) in a SEA screening exercise for Network 25 and in June 2013 received a determination from the NIEA welcoming the decision to undertake a SEA. Click to view the NIEA determination 13th June 2013 [65kB, PDF, link opens in a new window]

The SEA Draft Scoping Report was issued to consultees on 6th September 2013.   Submissions or observations will be returned to RPS by Monday 14th October 2013.  Click to view the SEA Draft Scoping Report for Network 25 [2MB PDF, link opens in new window]   A copy of the letter issued to consultees is also available to view  here [69kB, PDF, link opens in new window]

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