Future plans

At NIE Networks, we have been developing the electricity network in Northern Ireland for over a century. We are continually working to improve and modernise it to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the customers of today and tomorrow.

Trends and legislation indicate that we need to plan for a future with increasing levels of renewable energy, more electric vehicles and more electric heating systems. We are also seeing growing levels of prosumers – customers who use and produce electricity in their homes and businesses.

We are developing plans for this new energy future to achieve the best possible technical solutions at the lowest cost to customers.

NIE Networks held a Call for Evidence (CfE) workshop at The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belfast on 14 September 2018 to obtain a NI perspective on the fundamental changes required to be made to the DNO functions and to the future operation of the electricity network to deliver benefits to customers.

Call for Evidence Explained

Download ‘Greater access to the Distribution Network in Northern Ireland'

Breakout sessions on key functions

  • Market Facilitator - Jonny Pollock
  • Data Provision - Jonny Pollock
  • Congestion Management - Ian Bailie
  • Service Provider - Ian Bailie
  • Connections - David McDonald
  • Network Management - David McDonald
  • Charging - Roisin Ballentine
 Main Presentation  Breakout Presentations

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