Statement on the 'Managed Connection' Consultation Response

Following the publication and subsequent closure of the consultation on ‘managed connections’, NIE Networks has now published the responses to this consultation - Summary of Responses to Consultation Paper “Consideration of Proposed Changes to Small Scale Generation Connection to the Northern Ireland Electricity Distribution System”.
A stakeholder workshop was held on 23rd March attended by representatives from renewable developers, Utility Regulator, DETI, NIRIG, Ulster Farmers Union, CAFRE where this document was reviewed.
Feedback on the technical progress of the pilot scheme was very positive and the strong consensus was that this should continue. Any further commercial and procurement developments are dependent on the pilot reaching a workable solution stage and determination of likely levels of demand.  NIE Networks will reconvene with the workshop members at an appropriate point following the closure, on 9th May, of the DETI SSG Onshore Wind NIRO Consultation. At this time a review of ‘managed connections’ potential  would be carried out in the light of any technical developments and the outcome of the DETI consultation.
Development of the technical arrangements to enable a ‘managed connections pilot scheme’ is continuing. We plan to share the findings and results once the technical evaluation is complete.

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