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Shannon Knox, St. Mary's College

What are you currently studying?
I'm studying, Maths, English language, English literature, Double award applied Science, Double award applied ICT, Technology and Design, Learning for Life & Work and Health and Social care.
How did you find out about the work placement?
Through my careers teacher in school.
Tell us about your work placement, what did you enjoy most?
I enjoyed getting out and seeing first hand what life is like as an electrical engineer. Visiting the substation was an eye opener and made me really consider engineering as a career. Before the placement I was considering being a biomedical engineer, since the placement I now think I have my mind set on working in the electricity industry. I would love to be an overhead lines person as it looked to be a brilliant, exciting and enjoyable job but also a challenging one! Even though there aren't many females in this sector this hasn't put me off. Instead I want to take on the challenge and be a women in engineering.

I want to thank NIE Networks and  the team who were involved with the work placement. I met new friends and experienced things not many people my age get to do. I would encourage anyone who's thinking about engineering to go for it!   

Matthew Thompson, Cookstown High SchoolMatthew-Thompson.jpg

What subjects are you currently studying?
BTEC applied ICT worth two GCSEs, Biology, BTEC applied engineering worth two GCSEs, Physics, Maths, English Language, Technology.  
How did you find the work placement? 
I found a link posted on my school Facebook page and realised that it was suitable for year 11 students to apply. I had also heard about it from a friend.
What did you enjoy most during the work placement?  
I particularly enjoyed going to the Silverwood depot and learning about plant maintenance. I also liked getting to see around the substation in Ballymena and meeting someone who is on the apprentice training programme.
Had you considered engineering as a career before the work placement?
Yes, I always knew I wanted to have some sort of career in engineering hence my choice of GCSE subjects. I’ve always been interested in practical “hands on” activities and enjoy helping my dad in his workshop when I can.
Has the work placement inspired you to consider engineering as a career path?
The work placement just confirmed for me that I definitely want to follow a career in some form of engineering. I think it has opened up electrical engineering as a possibility that I would not have thought of before the work placement and is something I want to investigate more. 

Peter Moore, Belfast Royal Academy Peter-Moore-(1).jpg

What subjects are you currently studying?
I am studying Maths, Further Maths, English Language, English Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Technology and Design, French, History and Religious Studies.
How did you find the work placement?
 I didn’t know what to expect and to be honest I didn’t expect it to be as helpful as it was to me. Everyone in NIE Networks was so happy to be there and all the staff I came in contact with were very welcoming. The whole experience was very beneficial and I am glad I went.
What did you enjoy most during the work placement?
I loved going to the different sites and control sites. The control sites were interesting to see how everything works and that it’s not just a flick of a switch to fix everything. The last day was also beneficial to hear from an apprentice, scholarship student and graduate to get an idea of all of the roles available.
Had you considered engineering as a career before the work placement?
I had considered some sort of engineering as a career path as I always have had a love and interest for technology and physics.
Has the work placement inspired you to consider Engineering as a career path?
The work placement has been very useful to me. I feel I am now set on a solid career path in engineering and because of this work placement, I feel I am set on electrical and electronic engineering.


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