NIE Networks is the holder of a Participate in Transmission Licence and an Electricity Distribution Licence (the “Licences”). The Licences include conditions regulating NIE Networks’ transmission and distribution activities. Condition 12 of the Licences requires the independence of the Transmission Owner Business and Distribution Business (referred to collectively as the “Transmission and Distribution Businesses” or “T&D Businesses”) from any Associated Business (meaning all other businesses within the ESB Group). Condition 12 ensures compliance with European and UK legislation regarding appropriate business separation between electricity network businesses and businesses involved in the generation and/or supply of electricity.

Condition 12 requires that NIE Networks has in place, and adheres to, a Compliance Plan setting out the practices, procedures, systems and rules of conduct which NIE Networks has adopted, or intends to adopt, to ensure its compliance with Licence Condition 12. This Compliance Plan can be found here.

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