Further overnight reduction on those without power

NIE Networks emergency crews have worked throughout the night again to reduce the number of homes and businesses without electricity due to Storm Eleanor and the subsequent bad weather yesterday to around 400.

Teams have been working since the storm hit on Tuesday evening to restore power to over 25,000 properties.

The small number of customers who remain without power are located in the Southern and Eastern areas – specifically around Newry, Armagh, Comber, Banbridge, Carryduff and many other small pockets of rural customers.

Sara McClintock, Communications Manager at NIE Networks, said, “Our local incident centres in these key areas are open and resources from all across the country are being moved into the areas which are still without power.”

“We have mobilised additional call agents to deal with any queries customers may have regarding the repair process in their area. If you are still without power this morning, then please do get in touch on 03457 643 643.”