Northern Regional College to deliver recruitment selection testing for NIE Networks

Northern Regional College has secured a contract with NIE Networks to deliver recruitment selection testing for applicants to the apprenticeship programme.

With around 750 applicants to sift through, NIE Networks has partnered with Northern Regional College to assist with its selection and recruitment  process through a computer based test programme.

Applicants will sit a series of aptitude tests at the College’s Ballymena Campus in numeracy, mechanical science and spatial reasoning, with multiple  sessions taking place each day over the course of a fortnight with randomised reselection of the test questions occurring after each session to ensure the integrity of the process.

Commenting on the new service which the College is aiming to extend to a range of businesses over the coming months, Dr Helen Dixon, Head of Digital Learning, said: “We are delighted to be providing NIE Networks with this service, which provides them with instant results, allowing the recruitment team at NIE Networks to identify applicants who may be selected to go forward to the next stage.”

“Our system can be developed for any organisation seeking to identify core competences and aptitudes for a range of recruitment needs. We can develop bespoke tests for specific requirements from literacy modules to verbal reasoning.”

Northern Regional College’s Assistant Head of Engineering & Construction, David Russell, who manages other training provision for NIE Networks said: “We have a long-standing relationship with NIE Networks through  the delivery of training programmes for apprentices and therefore have a very good understanding of their requirements. We see many trainees  go on to have very successful and fulfilling careers with NIE Networks and appreciate the competition for places on their apprenticeship scheme so we can see the value of providing a selection scheme to the Company”.

Raymond McMenemy, Training Manager at NIE Networks said: “At NIE Networks, training and development is at the centre of everything we do. Our apprenticeship programme is a great opportunity for people to gain highly specialised skills to work on the electricity network. We firmly believe that the best way to develop highly skilled, motivated and enthusiastic future employees is through our targeted and focussed apprentice programme and we work closely with the Northern Regional College to deliver this programme. This year we have around 750 applicants who have made it through to this stage and we are delighted that the Northern Regional College is coordinating this phase of our recruitment process with computer based aptitude tests. We look forward to using this new efficient and quicker service to find our class of 2017."