NIE Networks launches FishSafe 2017


With the fishing season underway and many anglers taking advantage of the odd spell of good weather to cast a few lines, Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks), has launched FishSafe 2017.


The campaign reminds anglers across Northern Ireland to ‘look up and look out’ for overhead electricity equipment before they start fishing. Every year anglers put themselves at risk of injury or death because they accidentally come too close or into contact with overhead electricity power lines and equipment. NIE Networks wants anglers at waterways and fishing lakes throughout the country to cast with care.

Hal Steele, Safety Engineer at NIE Networks, says anglers can keep themselves safe by following a few simple safety precautions: "Everyone should look up and look out for overhead electricity power lines before assembling fishing rods and keep at least 30 metres away when fishing. Electricity can jump gaps and even bringing a fishing rod close to overhead electricity equipment is very dangerous. Many fishing rods are very long and contain carbon fibre, which conducts electricity. Contact or near contact with electricity power lines can lead to burns or even fatal injuries.
"We have produced a new FishSafe leaflet this year, which we are distributing to angling clubs across Northern Ireland. We hope that our awareness campaign will encourage all anglers to put safety first before they fish."
Local angler, Patrick Carson, former Captain of the Irish Fly Fishing Team, welcomed NIE Networks’ annual campaign. Patrick says; "All it takes is one lapse of concentration and you could put yourself at great risk. Any campaign to remind anglers to take note of their surroundings before piecing together their fishing rods and casting is to be welcomed and I would encourage fellow anglers to always think about the safety of your location before you cast."

If your fishing line becomes entangled in overhead power lines, drop your fishing rod immediately, keep others away and contact NIE Networks on 03457 643 643. Find out more information about the FishSafe campaign and how to stay safe around electricity equipment online.