New therapy equipment for Adam’s Camp NI


The NIE Networks Charities Fund has donated £3,000.00 to Adam’s Camp Northern Ireland to assist with the purchase of therapy materials for use during residential therapy camps provided at Corrymeela in Ballycastle, Co Antrim. 



Adam's Camp NI provides multi-disciplinary therapy for children on the autism spectrum delivered within a week long residential camp. Therapy programmes are goal centred to meet each child's specific developmental needs which are agreed between therapists and parents prior to the camp.


This summer Adam’s Camp NI is providing therapy programmes for 20 children and young people with autism from across Northern Ireland with adventure programmes delivered for their siblings and support workshops for their parents.


Grainne Ashe-McGurk, Executive Director of Adam’s Camp NI said “This donation has made a massive difference to Adam’s Camp Northern Ireland. We now have our own specific therapy equipment which allows us to directly deliver our therapy programmes for children and young people on the autism spectrum.  This equipment has assisted immensely with the successful delivery of our Pathfinder programme for children between 4 and 8 years old.  This very generous donation from NIE Networks Charities Fund has allowed us for the first time to acquire our own therapy equipment and no longer rely on the good will of others to lend equipment for use at camp.  Having this equipment will ensure that we can continue to deliver our programmes and make a difference to the lives of children with autism for many years into the future.”


Peter Mullan, Secretary of the NIE Networks Charities Fund said: “We recently visited Adam's Camp Northern Ireland to see the therapy materials that the NIE Networks Charities Fund has helped purchase. It was lovely to meet the families and children who benefit from this wonderful charity and to see first hand how the items are being used.”