If you want to learn more about how to stay safe when working near the electricity network or how to connect your farm or renewable generator, then be sure to call in at the NIE Networks’ stand at the Winter Fair on 14th December. 

The RUAS Winter Fair will be held in the Eikon Exhibition Hall at Balmoral Park and NIE Networks will have experts on hand to advise on working safely around overhead electricity lines.  NIE Networks’ connection advisers will be available to take anyone interested in generating their own electricity through the network connection process from start to finish, or to advise about increasing your load connection.  
Kevin McDowell, Head of Health, Safety and Environment at NIE Networks, says this is a key event in helping to spread the safety message.  “This is always a popular event and offers us a great opportunity to advise the farming community how they can stay safe if working near overhead electricity lines.  Whether you are tree cutting, cutting silage or just tidying up round the farm, we would like to remind everyone working near any part of the electricity network to follow safety guidelines and keep themselves and everyone on site safe.”

NIE Networks will also have some overhead lines experts on the stand to explain safe working practices when trimming trees and cutting hedges near overhead lines.  

If you are interested in extending the milking parlour, or building a new home in the country, then come and have a chat with NIE Networks’ connections advisers.  

Connections Manager, Edel Creery says, “We’ll be on hand to talk to landowners about the process for applying for load increases or connecting renewable technologies, such as wind turbines, small scale solar and anaerobic digestion to the electricity network. The rural community is growing as more and more people make their home in the country – we can guide you through the connections process, highlighting the information you need.  Just let us know how we can help!”

For more information visit the NIE Networks website at nienetworks.co.uk or you can follow us on Twitter @NIElectricity or Facebook @NIENetworks.