Replacing overhead power lines in east Ballymena

  • Total investment £835,000
  • Total network upgraded 72km
  • Number of poles upgraded 866 poles
  • Number of new poles installed 552 poles
  • Spans of overhead line replaced 515
  • Transformers upgraded 36

In the coming months, NIE Networks will be investing £835,000 to replace and upgrade the overhead line network around Kells, Deerfin, Tully, Ballycowan, Lisnamurrikin and Ballygelly. We are working with SPIE to deliver the project. SPIE Distribution & Transmission is one of the UK’s leading specialist providers of overhead line services to the utility market. SPIE has secured two framework contracts with NIE Networks to assist in the refurbishment of the distribution and transmission networks.

Jonathan Walsh, Contracts Manager at NIE Networks, says: “We are delighted to be teaming with SPIE on this programme of investment. We first worked with SPIE in 2009. Since then, our business relationship has gone from strength to strength; they have completed a number of projects with us, from distribution and transmission to assistance with storm damage repairs. That’s why we can be so confident in their ability this time around.”

“Our experienced teams have designed the programme to ensure homes and businesses in the area will be affected as little as possible. We may have to take you off supply to allow our teams to work safely on the network, but any customer likely to have their electricity supply affected by this investment programme will be notified in advance of the date and time of the interruptions.”

Investing in Ballymena

As part of our ongoing investment in the electricity network, NIE Networks will begin a programme of work to replace and upgrade the electricity network in the rural area to the east of Ballymena. This investment totals over £800,000 and will help improve the reliability of the network for homes and businesses in the area. We will be refurbishing and upgrading over 72km of overhead line network in the area. This includes upgrading 866 poles and installing 552 replacement poles. Over 500 spans of 11,000 volt (11kV)
overhead lines will be replaced with 50mm, helping to make the local network more resilient from severe weather damage. In addition, 36 pole-mounted transformers will be upgraded as part of the investment

The bulk of the work will take place during the day and we will maintain access for homes and businesses affected by this essential project. We have also written to 950 customers, who may be affected by these works and will give them notice if their power is disrupted. Our investment work will begin at the end of November 2017 and will run for six months.

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