Replacing overhead power lines in Doagh

In the coming months, NIE Networks will be investing over £250,000 in Doagh village centre to replace the overhead power lines with an upgraded underground cable network.

James Duffin, Project Delivery Engineer for NIE Networks, says this investment will benefit the local area. “As part of our ongoing programme of asset renewal, we will replace the overhead network in parts of Doagh with underground cables. This part of the network is reaching the end of its lifecycle and we intend to replace this with a robust underground cable network. In removing 24 poles and approximately 1375m of overhead power lines, we will improve the visual apprearance of the village and improve the quality of electricity supply for our customers."

In recent years, significant tree growth and other factors have affected electricity supplies to local residents and this programme is part of our wider investment to strengthen the network in the area.

“Our experienced teams will work with local contractors Mills Contracts and TOC Contracts on the project and we have designed the programme to ensure homes and businesses in the area will be affected as little as possible. We may have to take you off supply to allow our teams to work safely on the network but any customer likely to have their electricity supply affected by this investment programme will be notified in advance of the date and time of the interruptions.”

Investing In Your Area

Our programme of investment will begin in August, taking advantage of the school holidays and low traffic volumes to progress the project and minimise disruption to customers and motorists in the area. Over the coming months we will replace 1375m of overhead powerlines with 1450m of high voltage cable and1550m of low voltage underground cable.

Our teams will remove 24 poles along the route which currently run along the back of homes and along the footway (within the area highlighted on the map above). We will remove all poles and associated overhead lines, replacing them with an underground cable network running under pavements. We will also install four additional mini pillars.

At NIE Networks, we are committed to providing a reliable elecricity service. This investment work will improve reliability, giving customers a greater security of supply.

We are writing to over 200 households who may be affected by this work. All homeowners will also be contacted prior to work commencing on their property. We may need to interrupt your electricity to allow our contractors to work safely, but we will give you notice so that you can make alternative arrangements.

Our investment work will run from August 2016 and will complete Spring 2017.

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