Connecting Brockaghboy windfarm to the electricity network in Rasharkin

In the coming months, NIE Networks will be working on a new project to connect Brockaghboy Wind Farm to the electricity network in Rasharkin.

Steven White, Project Manager for NIE Networks, says this project involves the construction of overhead high voltage transmission lines and the installation of underground cables. “We have been connecting customers to the electricity network for over a century, and in recent years we have connected over 920MW of renewable energy. Brockaghboy Wind Farm is one of our major connection projects, bringing another 45MW of renewable energy onto the grid.

“Our experienced lines teams will work with our established contractors Grid Team Services (GTS) and TLI Group to construct the overhead network, while local contractor Mills Contracts will install the underground sections. We may have to take you off supply to allow our teams to work safely on the network, but any customer likely to have their electricity supply affected by this investment programme will be notified in advance of the date and time of the interruptions.”

Connecting Renewables

At NIE Networks, we connect homes, businesses and renewables to the electricity network, working in communities across Northern Ireland. This latest programme of work will begin in December 2016 and over the coming months our experienced lines teams will construct 20km of 110kV overhead line network, running from Brockaghboy Wind Farm Substation to our main station in Rasharkin.

In addition, we will install 5km of 11kV and 33kV underground cable network.

At NIE Networks, we are committed to providing a reliable elecricity for our customers. This investment work will improve reliability, giving our customers in the area a greater security of supply.

We are writing to customers and landowners in the area, who may be affected by this connections project. All landowners will have been contacted by the System Operator Northern Ireland (SONI) about wayleaves and the line routes. At this stage in the project, NIE Networks will take responsibility for construction and we will be in contact with landowners prior to any work commencing on their property. We may need to interrupt your electricity supply to allow our contractors to work safely, but we will give you notice so that you can make alternative arrangements if necessary.

The project to connect Brockaghboy Wind Farm will run from December 2016 and is due to complete in June 2017. Visit our website for more information about our Connections business and how we are improving the electricity network across the country into the future.

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