What is the difference between micro, small scale and large scale renewable generation?

    Renewable energy is energy generated from natural sources like the sun, wind or flowing water and is naturally replenished as it is used. Micro renewable generation is classed as 3.68kW or less single phase or up to 11.04kW three phase.

    Small scale renewable generation is classed as greater than 3.68kW and up to 20kW single phase and greater than 11.04kW and up to 2MW three phase. Typically the majority of applications are up to 50kW for Solar PV, up to 250kW for wind generation and up to 500kW for anaerobic digestion due to Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) banding levels [link opens in a new window]. 

    Large scale generation is generally classed as generation greater than 2MW.