What documentation do I need to send with my application?

    Your application must contain the following documents:

    1. Completed generation questionnaire
    2. Cheque for your Connection Application fee made out to NIE Networks Ltd
    3. Details of the location of the proposed generator(s) including a site map. If planning permission has been submitted or approved for your generator(s), please also send details of this including the planning reference number. (Please note full planning approval is no longer required to submit a generation connection application)
    4. Copy of generator technical specification which should include:
    • Single line diagram (schematic of your installation)
    • Flicker co-efficient
    • Starting currents and type of starter for each generator installed.
    • 1:2500 and 1:500 scale site location plan

    Please note that if you have an inverter connected generator then you will also need to include a copy of the harmonics report up to the 50th harmonic. Detailed requirements will be set out in your application form.