11kV Overhead Line Mapping Tool

As part of NIE's ongoing information strategy, we have created a new interactive 11kV overhead line mapping tool hosted by Spatial NI [link opens in a new window].

It should be used in conjunction with the October 2014 heat map available in PDF format [7MB]  and shows indicative positions of 33KV and 11kV substations and 11kV overhead line routes.  

Features such as address search, zoom and measurement tools are available. These features are demonstrated in the user guides below.
Please note that both the Heat Map and the Overhead Line Mapping Tool are for guidance purposes only and the guidance notes and disclaimers printed on the Heat Map are also applicable to the Overhead Line Mapping Tool.  NIE is not responsible, or liable, for the use of or interpretation of the data provided, or for any decision resulting from the use of the data.

The information provided is a representation of the known network conditions at the time of publishing. This information is not fixed as the network conditions continually change with the addition and removal of load and/or generation.
11kV Overhead Line Mapping Tool User Guides

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