Connections over 5MW

If you are apply for a connection that is 5MW or larger, you now have the choice to ask an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) to undertake the ‘contestable’ work required for your connection.  

Whichever option you choose, we will send you a quotation for the work we will undertake.  This is called a ‘Connection Offer’ and will explain our costs and the different choices you have.

What is non-contestable work?

This is work that must be completed by NIE Networks.  It includes:
  • Specifiying the point of connection
  • Providing specifications and policies to be complied with
  • Reviewing the ICP connection design
  • Inspection and monitoring of ICP work
  • Final testing and connection to the existing network

The design of reinforcement works to our existing network to accommodate the new connection is also non-contestable.

What is contestable work?

Competition in connections means that going forward other accredited companies can also provide a quotation for and build certain elements of a new connection. For these ‘contestable’ elements of the connection, customers will have a choice whether to accept a quotation from us or look elsewhere. Contestable works can be carried out by an ICP or by NIE Networks.

These works include:
  • Design
  • Purchasing materials for the connection
  • Site preparation and trenching
  • Acquisition of wayleaves and legalities
  • Construction of the connection

How do I apply if my connection is 5MW or greater?

If you would like to apply for a generation or load connection 5MW or greater, download the application forms.

Download the Large Scale Generation Application Form Part A and Part B: Technical Form.

Download the Large Scale Demand Application Form.

How do I get a contestable offer?

You can request a contestable offer at any stage of the application process, up until 10 days after we have issued you a quote for all the works.  We will then issue you an offer for the non-contestable works only, ie the works that NIE Networks will continue to carry out in the competitive connections market.  Download a Contestable Offer Request Form.

You can accept one of these offers.  If you accept the contestable offer from NIE Networks, you will need to appoint an ICP to carry out the contestable work  You can get further information and a list of ICPs operating in Northern Ireland from the accrediting body, Lloyds Register.

The ICP is required to work in accordance with the national framework and NIE Networks documents that provide specifications for design, material procurement and the installation and recording of assets.  Our document library can be found on the ICP portal.


The new connection (up to the start of your electrical installation) will be adopted by us and become part of our electricity network following final inspection, testing an connection.  We will own the new connection from that time and will take responsibility for future repair, maintenance and replacement, subject to any guarantee requirements of the Adoption Agreement.

Read our You Have a Choice guide and the Connections Process Flowchart

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