NIE Networks Charities Fund

Who are we? 

Our staff and pensioners have been contributing to the NIE Networks Charities Fund’ for more than 20 years and during that time in excess of £20million (including annual support from the company) has been distributed to local charities.

The charities committee is made up of six employees and two pensioners and it meets quarterly to allocate funds. Donations to the fund are received directly via salaries or pensions and it currently has 940 members.

What do we do?

We aim to raise around £100,000 annually and donate this funding to local charities.

Follow us on Facebook for updates and latest news from the Charity Committee [link opens in a new window].

Granaghan & District Women's Group, Swatragh

The Granaghan & District Women's Group in Swatragh organise activities for all sections of the community and carry out voluntary litter picks in the local play park and on roads and lanes in the rural area. Our funding helped the organisation buy special equipment such as litter picks, litter bins and anti litter signs.